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Action! PC Golf 2017 

Action! PC Golf Game Screen

2017 Golf -  Ball Physics

Action! PC Golf 2017 Gamescreen1
2017 Game Screen 1

Action! PC Golf 2017 Gamescreen2
2017 Game Screen 2

2017 Shortgame

Replay Search
2017 Replay Search

Action! PC Golf Gamescreen 3
Game Screen 3

Scenario Creation
Scenario Creation

Scenario Select
Scenario Select

Team vs Team Setup
Team vs Team Setup

Golf Tournament

golf-add photo
Add Photo

course select
Course Select

match play bracket
Match Play Bracket

match play tournament
Match Play Tournament

opening screen
Opening Screen

score card search
Scorecard Search

record book
Record Book


shot report
Shot Report

Tournament 2

team event 1
Team Event 1

team event 2
Team Event 2

team event edit
Team Event Edit

team event edit 2
Team Event Edit 2

create a team
Create a Team

custom course creation
Custom Course Creation

custom course layout
Custom Course Layouts

golfer - in the bag
Golfer Info - In the Bag

golfer info
Golfer Info


Scorecard 2


hole stats
Hole Stats

team stats report
Team Stats Report

tournament schedule
Tournament Schedule

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Action! PC Golf 


Click to view current golf specials!


Play golf on stunning, high definition golf courses.

Relive famous golf tournaments from past and present.

Play with your favorite golfers from throughout the history of the game.

Play complete tour seasons with detailed stats.

Match up golfers from different eras to see who's best.

2017 Edition Features

Golf ball physics have been completely redone from scratch, resulting in a significant impact on accuracy and realism, and a more satisfying gameplay experience. For example:

  • Much more realistic and predictable bounce, roll, and spin physics. Well struck wedge shots bounce forward, check, and spin back. Club, lie, and swing length all realistically affect the amount of spin imparted on the shot.

  • Significant improvements to interactions with different surfaces and course conditions like firmness, green speeds, and rough length.

  • Much more realistic interactions with slopes.

  • Hole interactions driven by physics, including lip-outs and lip-ins.

  • Pin strikes with realistic deflections.

  • More realistic green speed effects. Green speeds can range between six and 14 on the stimpmeter. At the high end, greens are truly treacherous. Missing an approach on the short side, in deep rough, to a fast green running away from you, results in a seriously demanding shot.

Info around the mouse cursor provides useful information where it’s needed. This includes distance, slope, tree percentage, and relevant hole attributes, making shot planning more intuitive.

Option to save instant replays. Replays for great or interesting shots are saved automatically for both human and computer golfers. Saved replays can be searched from the opening screen menu, as well as during tournament play. When an autoplayed computer player hits a great shot in a tournament, you can watch it! Optionally, tournaments will pause when golfers hole out from off the green and a replay is available.

Mouse and keyboard shortcuts for changing clubs, power, spin, and other options. After a round or two getting used to these, you won’t want to play without them.

Increased chance of making a putt after watching a playing partner putt from the same line. This is indicated on the game screen with an increase in putting rating.

Option for randomly generated pin positions in casual rounds.

Option to move the pin manually to a new location in casual rounds.

Multiple tee to green elevation changes. Hole #8 at “Pacific Beach,” for example, will play uphill for the tee shot and downhill for the approach.

New “rocks” surface for large, unpredictable bounces. For example, “2014 Orlando Club” has been updated with rocks surrounding the greens.

New “uneven lies” areas generate unpredictable bounces and difficult stances. For example, see the mounds around some of the greens at the new “Ponte Vedra Club v2,” which make recovery more difficult.

Options for short game shots allow you to target an ending point, landing point, or power and direction.

Improved 3-click swing meter results (optional).

Option to play one match at a time in match play tournaments.

Improved real world live weather download is more accurate and reliable, using weather data from the nearest airport.

The ten courses included with the game have been updated to take advantage of the new physics and features. These updates include redone greens, elevation changes, and features like rocks and uneven lies.

New, remade version of Ponte Vedra Club

New course, Boston Club, included with the game package.

The new 2016-17 golf season, which is included with the game package, features over 300 golfers, and a complete schedule with an option to use real fields.

New Courses

New Courses Included in the 2017 Edition

Each of these courses has been enhanced for play with the 2017 version:

Boston Club (new release)

Ponte Vedra Club v2 (completely redone version features new graphical imagery)

Ardmore East

Cabo Mexico

Dublin Village


Old Scotland

Orlando Club

Pacific Beach

San Antonio Club


New Courses Available for Purchase

Palm Harbor Golf Club - Palm Harbor, FL

Brown Deer Park - Milwaukee, WI


2017 Game Packages

Save $5.00 If you own any previous edition of Action! PC golf, use the word UPGRADE as your discount code when ordering the Deluxe or Deluxe-Classic game package.  This special upgrade offer is only available with online purchase.

Deluxe Game Package – Only $45.00

  • Complete 2017 Action! PC Golf Game

  • 2016-17 Season (ratings updated through March 2017)

  • Top 20 All-Time Greats

  • 10 high resolution golf courses

Boston Club (new release), Ponte Vedra Club v2 (completely redone), Ardmore East,
Cabo Mexico, Dublin Village, Magnolia, Old Scotland, Orlando Club, Pacific Beach, San Antonio Club


Deluxe-Classic Game Package - Over a $500 value! - Only $219.12 ($249.00 less automatic 20% discount!)
If you are new to our golf game this may be the game package for you!

  • Complete 2017 Action! PC Golf Game

  • 2016-17 Season (ratings updated through March 2017)

  • Majors of 1966 Set – includes 32 golfers who featured in the major championships of 1966, along with scenarios to get you right into the action of the final round

  • All Time Greats set which includes 201 of the greatest players of all time.

  • All 50+ high resolution golf courses currently available!


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Action! PC Golf


Play rounds of golf as or against your favorite golfers from past and present. Rounds are played on championship courses using stunning, high resolution, aerial imagery. Plan your shots by choosing your club, your swing power, draw or fade, high shot or punch shot, and more. Then watch your golfer execute the shot according to his abilities with remarkable statistical accuracy. Or, take control of the swing itself with the optional three-click swing meter. Detailed course conditions make the course play differently every round. Green speed, rough length, course firmness, wind, temperature, sky condition, and elevation all must be accounted for on every shot. Conditions even change dynamically throughout tournament rounds. You can even download current real world weather conditions.



Play individual tournaments or complete tour seasons with detailed stat tracking. Tournaments can be created and edited to create your ideal season schedule. Major championships, playoff formats and tour championships, exhibitions, and qualifying events are all available. Control or watch any golfers during tournament rounds, or take your favorite golfer through a complete season and beyond. Detailed leaderboards, statistics, and highlights make following the latest happenings exciting and immersive.


Team Events

Team events with up to 12 players per team, can be customized for the number of sessions and participants in each, including singles match play, alternate shot, and best ball formats. Templates are included for many of the common team formats.


Match Play Tournaments

Create match play brackets with any number of golfers from four to 256, with rounds from single elimination to best of nine matches.


Final Round Scenarios

Jump right into the final round of a real-world tournament and control any golfer. Over 100 historical scenarios are built in, including the final round leaderboard and course conditions. It’s easy to create your own scenarios, too.


Team Rounds

This unique format has two teams face off against each other in a single round, where a different team member hits each shot. The rules can be customized in many ways. For example, you can set a lineup order of golfers, or pick a golfer for each shot. Optionally seet a limit on the number of times a single golfer can be used. This format provides a level of managerial strategy you likely haven’t seen before in golf. Stats and standings are kept for these matchups.



Even when golfers are computer controlled and “autoplayed,” the shots are played out in the same level of detail as your human controlled golfers. The game AI must make the same decisions, and is subject to the same considerations. Detailed statistics are tracked including world rankings, cup points, money, and more. All standard statistics like driving accuracy and greens in regulation are kept, as well as more detailed stats like proximity to the hole from various distances, putting by distance, three putt streaks, and more. Results from past tournaments can also be viewed from each player form. Click the event name to view the leaderboard, click a score to view the scorecard, and click a hole to view shot by shot results for that hole. Hole by hole course stats are also compiled for every tournament round. Additionally, all time and season records are kept, as well as replays of great shots hit by computer or human golfers. These replays can be searched and sorted. Want to find the replays for every hole in one on your tour? How about the longest hole-out made, or every great shot on a certain par three?


Season Tools

Action! PC Golf includes tools for creating and editing golfer and seasons. All ratings and attributes can be customized. Golfers can also be imported between seasons to set up cross-era matchups.



Courses use high resolution aerial imagery, or our own graphical style. Additional layouts can be created and customized, including tee and pin locations, and par. It’s also possible to create new courses using holes from existing courses. Visit our shop to view our extensive and growing list of available courses!


Add-ons and Modifications

Action PC Golf is able to be enhanced and modified in a number of ways, and our user community has done some great work. Check out the forums for user mods including photos, logos, flags, hole pictures, and even complete golf courses!

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