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The most complete statistical hockey game ever.

Action! PC Hockey 2019 

Action! PC Hockey Game Screen

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Action! PC Hockey Game Screen
Game Screen
Action! PC Hockey Roster
2019 Roster
Action! PC Hockey Daily Dressed
Daily Dressed
Scheduled Games
Scheduled Games


scheduled games
Scheduled Games

2016 Action! PC Hockey Period Recap
Screen with Period Recap
Hockey Player with History
Player with History
Hockey player with Usage
Player Usage

hk-14 player
Player Form

hk-14 box



Shadow Strategy

Modify Player

Team Report

Strategy Adjustments

Play-By-Play Report

Database 1

Database 2


Line Strategies


Game Over

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Action! PC Hockey 2019 

Whether you play games head-to-head, over the internet, or against the computer,
you'll love the statistical accuracy and strategy of Action! PC Hockey.
Loaded with strategy, extensive statistical reports and internet features,
Action! PC Hockey is the most comprehensive stat-based hockey game on the market.

Order Action! PC Hockey 2019 Edition!

Play Action! PC Hockey with our many available seasons. Choose from many past pro and Olympic seasons from 1954 to present!

2019 Hockey Enhancements


  • The redesigned Scheduled Games screen features a more attractive and user-friendly display. Each game is displayed in its own box with options for playing the game or viewing game results. Unplayed games are displayed with team records. Click the play button to start an unplayed game or the auto button to have the computer quickly play the game. Games that have been completed are displayed with updated team records, game score, and stats for the star player of the game. Move the mouse over the game box for a small snapshot box score or click the box button to view the full box score.

  • Expanded and simplified lineup tools! It's now easier to set reliable and effective game lines and line strategies. Line usage preferences are accessible and easily edited on the roster screen. Usage may be set by percentage of ice time and minutes played for each line. The team strategy screen has been expanded to include more lineup settings and easier to use daily lineup tools. The roster and player screens also include the estimated TOI your settings will produce for each player!

  • Dressed lists and line preferences may be set for any game on the schedule. League play has never been easier! 8 New auto-lines option available to automatically set lines only at faceoffs.

  • Expanded play results, both rare and not so rare, and more play-by-play variety.

  • Expanded injury system with more play-by-play variety and additional player form and roster reporting.

  • Improved end of game offense, defense, and line changes.

Game Strategy

  • Expanded encyclopedia functionality. The list of seasons and numbers of teams and players are displayed for each encyclopedia. Our favorite new report in the encyclopedia is the player and team season record book. Custom record books may be created for teams or entire leagues and filtered using all available search options.

Play-By-Play Additions

  • Expanded play-by-play includes more detailed and varied rush, faceoff, and shot descriptions.

  • Fight build-ups, match-ups, and play-by-play are more realistic. Expanded fight results include post play fighting based more closely on the flow of the game, players engaging in multiple fights, match penalties, and so much more!

  • Expanded game situation play-by-play.

  • New rare play results.

Other Additions

  • Optional league logos may be displayed throughout the game.

  • Depth chart and line settings, as well as estimated TOI have been added to the player form.

  • Expanded use of team logos and coach photos throughout the game.

  • Improved computer roster management.

  • New league rule option to display either the Dave Koch Sports’ player value or a user created editable salary.

  • New main screen menus for easy access to import, export, draft tools, and team comparison charts.

Action! PC Hockey Game Packages

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Deluxe Game Package – Only $48.00 

  • Complete 2019 Action! PC Hockey Game

  • 2018-19 Season

  • Past Seasons: 1987-88, 1964-65

  • Winning Teams by Decades Collection - see below

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  • Complete 2019 Action! PC Hockey Game
  • 2018-19 Season
  • Past Seasons: 2017-18, 2016-17, 2015-16, 1992-93, 1987-88, 1964-65, 1956-57
  • Winning Teams by Decades Collection - see below

Basic Game Package - Only $38.00

  • Complete 2019 Action! PC Hockey game

  • Winning Teams by Decades Collection - see below

Winning Teams by Decade (1960-Present)

Included with every 2019 game package!

1961-62 Montreal

1966-67 Chicago

1968-69 Boston

1960-61 Toronto

1969-70 Detroit


1976-77 Montreal

1970-71 Boston

1975-76 Philadelphia

1978-79 New York I

1974-75 Buffalo


1985-86 Edmonton

1981-82 New York I

1988-89 Calgary

1988-89 Montreal

1982-83 Boston


1995-96 Detroit

1992-93 Pittsburgh

1998-99 Dallas

1999-00 St. Louis

1996-97 Colorado


2005-06 Detroit

2009-10 Washington

2000-01 Colorado

2008-09 San Jose

2008-09 Boston


2018-19 Tampa Bay

2015-16 Washington

2013-14 Boston

2010-11 Vancouver

2017-18 Nashville

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About Action! PC Hockey

Play Potential

Action! PC Hockey uses a system of "play potential" to represent the flow of a hockey game. After each change of possession, a number is assigned that represents the chance of the play being successful. High potential means that the play is more likely to result in a scoring opportunity, and low potential is more likely to result in dangerous turnovers. Play potential is determined by previous play calls and results, team strategies and strength, line changes, intimidation levels, ice quality, random factors and more. As a result, each play has a unique feel, and no two games will ever be alike.

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Play Calling

For plays beginning in the defensive or neutral zones, choose to proceed aggressively, safely, with a balanced attack, or to clear the puck. Each option has strengths and weaknesses. Playing aggressively will generate more scoring chances, but at the risk of dangerous turnovers, while playing safely will rarely give up bad turnovers, but will also not create many scoring opportunities. When the play potential is low or your team is over-matched, it may be best to simply clear the puck. In general, these play call opportunities occur every two or three changes of possession.

When a team has control of the puck in its offensive zone, there are several different play calling scenarios that may occur. These include:

Setup Plays - Shoot the puck, attempt to pass to a specific open player for a shot, or cycle for a new setup. Taking advantage of screens, getting the puck to the net for a rebound, or setting up safe turnovers by clearing the puck in deep are just a few ways to use these scenarios. Setup plays occur often on powerplays, and occasionally during even strength play.

Match-up Plays - An offensive player has the puck with a scoring opportunity, defended by an opposing player. Do you shoot, attempt to penetrate for a better shot, pass, or send the puck deep for a safe turnover?

Other play calling opportunities occur according to game situations. When shorthanded, attempt to ice the puck, or take chances to try to create shorthanded goals. Attempt to shoot for an empty net with the chance of icing, clear the puck back to the neutral zone, or try to cross center ice before shooting. Make an odd man rush, try to set up in the offensive zone, or dump the puck in for a safe turnover. These situations and more create an exciting and diverse game experience.

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Line Changes

Making timely and efficient line changes is an important element of success in hockey, and that holds true in Action PC Hockey. In most situations when your team has the puck, you have the option to make a line change. When a change is called for, potential for that play decreases according to how many players are being changed. As a result, it is often best to play safe or to clear the puck when attempting to make a change. Trying to make a change in a low potential situation may result in a dangerous turnover.

Line management is made simple by an easy-to-use line change interface. Put an entire line or individual players on the ice with a single click. Player strength on a zero to 100 scale makes it clear who is ready to play and who needs more rest. Lines are automatically adjusted when injuries and penalties occur. Double shifting star players is easy to accomplish. The simple yet powerful interface ensures that line management is never a hassle.

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Action PC Hockey includes a wealth of strategy options. Strategies include forecheckers used, defensive zone aggressiveness and depth, offensive zone entry method, and offensive zone system. Strategies may be set for the team as a whole, as well as for specific line combinations and game situations. A programmable computer coach is also available for each team including line usage, offensive and defensive styles, late game strategy adjustments, and preferences for when to change or pull goalies. Individual players also have usage preferences that may be set including how often to pass or shoot from different ice locations, how often to attempt to deflect shots, join in odd man rushes, and attempt to penetrate past defenders. To help in understanding the influence each strategy has on the game, an in depth strategy guide is available free from this site.

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League/Roster Management

A complete set of general manager functions makes it easy to operate your league. Create, modify, draft and trade players and teams. Design depth charts and set line combinations with all stats and ratings easily available. Save up to five complete sets of line combinations for each team. Create and assign ice graphics, team logos, and player photos. Customize league rules including roster limits, overtime and shootout rules, penalties, suspensions, player usage rules, icing and offsides rules, and many miscellaneous rules such as video review of goals and automatic TV timeouts.

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Statistics and Reports

Action! PC Hockey is loaded with player, team and league statistical reports. Customize database reports using hundreds of available statistics. All of the standard statistics such as goals, assists, penalty minutes, and plus/minus are included.  The game also tracks hits, blocked shots, takeaways, giveaways, faceoffs, time on ice breakdowns, types of penalties, and much more. You can view raw statistics or stats based on game averages, home or road averages, high games and more.

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Player Ratings

Player ratings are based on every available published statistic, as well as expert subjective analysis.  Player ratings include overall offensive ability, passing, inside and outside scoring, skating, penalty shot/breakaway ability, faceoffs, overall defensive ability, takeaways, shot blocking, hitting, penalty killing, enforcer status, goalie ability, sportsmanship, and durability.

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Extensive and exiting play-by-play makes playing a hockey game an immersive experience.  Thousands of lines of text may also be edited by the user.

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Schedules and Transactions

Seasons include full real life schedules. Schedules may be modified or automatically generated. Player transactions are monitored by date, so you can replay a season using the actual trades and signings as they occurred in real life.

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Internet Play

Action! PC Hockey offers complete support for internet play. Hook-up and play one game or an entire series in one sitting. Zip and email league files with just a few mouse clicks. Email box scores to league members with one mouse click.

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Action! PC Hockey includes a useful set of utilities to run any face-to-face, email, or internet league. Export/import games, export/import coaches and many other features help make your league play simple and enjoyable.

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Past Seasons/Historical Adjustments

Many past seasons are available for purchase. These include pro, Olympic, and college seasons. The staff at Dave Koch Sports is continually adding to the lineup of available past seasons. Action PC Hockey includes complete league data for every past season, allowing the game engine to make comparisons between players from different eras. This makes it possible to play a game between a team from the 1960s and a team from the 1990s, for example. Leagues can also be set to play in any era. For example, it is possible to put modern teams in the high scoring era of the 1980s.

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